March 1st, 2013

Tomorrow marks the six month anniversary of the day you and I walked to the cliffs of Fort Funston. We missed the sunset by a couple of minutes, but light escaping over the horizon still touched the dark Northern California ocean in the most beautiful way. That’s still my favorite spot in all of San Francisco.

When it was too dark to see, we walked home along the street that curls around the edge of Lake Merced, our path only briefly illuminated by passing headlights.

I remember holding your hand in the frigid San Francisco spring air, listening to your nervous voice with my own nervous ears–waiting for you to ask what I’d been hoping ever since you bought that plane ticket.

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

March 1st, 2013 is the day you made everything different.

I love you.



Actively Becoming Yourself

Every day we forge our own existence, purpose, and identity. Many people are under the impression that purpose is placed upon them, or revealed to them perhaps in some celestial vision… But this is not the case. Epiphanies do not come to sedentary minds that wait for direction. Open your eyes and mind to the world around you and let it inspire you. Ponder thoroughly. Ask yourself questions nobody has the answer to and answer them.

Every action you take, big and small, makes another stitch in your own personal tapestry. So the question is not “who will I be?” but rather “who will I make myself?”

The universe is not responsible for your failures, nor your successes. You are. You are responsible for your actions and your reactions. This is a fact you can either be ashamed of or proud of. It depends on what you choose to do.

Lastly, remember that failure is not making mistakes; those are inevitable. Failure is not learning from the mistakes you make.

Ripping Stitches

Your words,

They leave teeth marks

And intend to draw blood.

You are miserable,

So you rip your own stitches

And blame the world

Because you want it to bleed with you.




Outward harm never resulted in inward healing.  Blame never allowed a sad soul to flourish.

It’s simple. ┬áBe happy and allow others to be happy.