A Life Worth Living

shooting star

The universe is mostly nothing.  Then it is Hydrogen, Helium, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon, etc.  combining into vast clouds of  gases.  Cloud that will condense into massive body of pure energy–massive glowing celestial spheres that burn longer than we can comprehend.  They end with a force that will both ruin and create, purging the dense of materials out into the emptiness to become something new.  The stars’ guts may float among other bits of rock and ice in an asteroid field, or be pulled into the roiling furnace of another star or they might bind together and become so dense they crush themselves into a sphere to create a planet.

Every particle in your body was once brewing in the heart of a star for millions of years.  They hurtled through space and time to become a part of Earth.  They lived and died to converge into you, now.  You are a precious thing, defying all odds of existence and yet here you are… breathing, thinking, feeling–and that is beautiful.  So don’t worry yourself with damaging thoughts and unnecessary stresses.  Revel in your own existence.  Celebrate it every day with those you love in everything you do.  That is a life worth living.

Shadows on the Wall

People are too quick to assume they know what casts the shadow on the cave wall–So proud to assert convenient truths that fit perfectly into the delusion forged in the mind.

They are so easy to read when they revolve around themselves, too selfish to comprehend the fact that they simply do not know. It’s so painfully predictable. These are not the minds of thinkers.

The foolishness was entertaining for a spell, but now I am unimpressed. A dull read is not worth my time.

I am the shadow on the wall and the fire that casts it. But now I extinguish and leave the fools to ponder the darkness.