A Poet and A Warlord



If I had a daughter I would tell her sweetie, it’s okay to be better than the boys at all the games they play, even if they try to bring you down. Because darling you were built to climb both trees and social ladders, and both of those things matter for little girls, not just the boys. And you can have a silent cry and not apologize for taking up my time or putting tears upon my shoulder.  And when you want to play with dolls or little action figures or look at dusty pictures, I will always have the time. If you want to light a fire and cuddle right beside it, I will hold you tight even if I get too warm.  Or if you want to be alone, then I will let you roam and discover secret places on your own so you can hide there.  When you want to wrestle, climb all over me and half the time I’ll even let you win. Honey you can be a princess and a warrior.  You can be a poet and a warlord too. You don’t have to be afraid of closet monsters, because the real monsters will be afraid of you.